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La maison est là, où est l'équipe. Avec votre équipe obtient sa propre online présence - avec des calendriers partagés, planification d'événement et des médias. En postant des nouvelles, des médias vous pouvez construire une chronique de l'équipe et ainsi partager les derniers événements, nouvelles et résultats autour de votre équipe, votre sport et league avec le reste du monde.

Bola Professional

Welcome to the pro league - Access new functions, additional options and integrations - all neatly packaged in a customizable ad-free design:

And help us continue:

  • Getting your fans and sponsors involved with the next update
  • Adding and prioritizing your feature requests and wishes in our development roadmap
  • Spending our budget on improving your app experience - not advertising (with) it
  • Building a even better advertising model - with your participation, input and share
  • Extending the current community involvment and make it part of our decision-making process

And even if you have no plans to spend money on using Bola..

..our free product is more than enough for you or you are just awesome in general and want to rid yourself of your guilty conscience:

  • Invite other local teams, clubs and league rivals to use and publish on Bola
  • Let your national association or parent organisation know, their endorsement could mean the world to us
  • We're always happy to find new advertising partners! (What could go wrong if we let you help picking them?)
  • We'd be stoked if you post something - preferrably nice - about us on social media like Xherdan Shaquiri did!

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